Country of Origin Markings

Have you ever realized that in the USA almost every single item you buy has the “Country of Origin” on it? There are reasons for that! U.S. law states that when an American is buying something, they have to have the ability to identify when an item is made in USA. When we buy U.S. Products, we are supporting the U.S. economy. When you buy that Tee-shirt, you have helped put to work the store that sells the shirt and the trucker that delivered the delivery to the store. The company that made the cardboard or packaging material, the folks that packed the shirts destined for the truck, the manufacturer that made the shirt, the farm that grew the cotton, the spinner that spun the cotton to work, and the farmer that harvested the seeds to grow the cotton. All of these entities were put to work, right here in USA– BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT AMERICAN. Now, if you decided to buy that same Tee-shirt, made in Pakistan or China—none of these USA entities were put to work. (with maybe the exception of the business that sold it)

Here in USA, the law is very clear on Country of Origin Labelling. When a U.S. Consumer is shopping for an item, the law reads, “The Country of Origin labelling, must be clear, legible and unable to be removed to be seen, without eye-strain.” When an American purchases a Foreign Good over a U.S. Good, the U.S. Government wants the consumer to be consciously aware that they are buying foreign.