Translation Software

Hello—Are you interested in conducting business with manufacturers overseas, but you are not confident that you can communicate with the language barrier?

Call Michael S. Dubin CHB – 727-458-1972 —- We have software that will allow us to communicate with people all over the globe, IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE. Want to buy some goods from South Africa, Lesotho or Namibia & don’t speak Afrikaans? Call Michael S Dubin ……………. Are you interested in selling goods to folks in The Czech Republic, but don’t speak Czech? Call Michael S Dubin – Do you want to form an alliance with folks in Siberia, but don’t speak Russian———NO ISSUE——–Call Michael S. Dubin and we can communicate on your behalf, with your contacts overseas IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE.

Sure most Global Business is conducted in English——–It is sometimes amusing to watch the errors in grammar & speech when Asia is speaking to Europe, as they typically communicate in English

BUT———–when you call Michael S. Dubin———–Let US assist you with communicating globally to folks, IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE.