Back Door Logistics

Back door logistics is a term we created here at Michael S. Dubin CHB. We have a technique we use for Tracking Shipments, which almost always works for obtaining the status of an import.  So many Importers, Brokers, and Forwarders are unaware of this technique.   

By using this technique, we can find out information about incoming shipments, without having all the necessary documents or information usually needed. Only a select few highly experienced Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders are able to use this strategy. Due to security issues, most airlines and steamship lines will not release any confidential information to the caller  (broker, importer or forwarder)   without them being listed on the transportation documents. However, public data is available to anyone who inquires.

We can source public data elements through calling the vessel lines and airlines, online tools and steamship tracking.  Did you know that the location of a Steamship Vessel is trackable?  Did you know that on any given day you can see exactly where a container ship is? 

Things like vessel names, arrival and departure dates and voyage numbers are all considered public record. By using back door logistics, we can find out the necessary information for your needs. If we are listed as Notify Party, we can easily source shipment status. Without being listed as notify party can sometimes pose an issue for brokers and forwarders. By using certain data elements, we are legally allowed to source data using information that is shared with the public. Most brokers and forwarders will not go this far for clients, while some others do not realize that this is an option.

Here at Michael S. Dubin CHB, we pride ourselves on assisting clients with back door logistics. If the importer is able to provide either bill of lading, airway bill, voyage number or vessel name and dates of arrival and departure, we will work to use back door logistics to find the information needed for your shipment, without jeopardizing the confidentiality of the shipment.    Please feel free to call us the next time your broker or forwarder is unable to find your shipment. We will be happy to use back door logistics to assist with your needs.

Thank You Jennifer Dubin