Translation Software

Hello—Are you interested in conducting business with manufacturers overseas, but you are not confident that you can communicate with the language barrier? Call Michael S. Dubin CHB – 727-458-1972 —- We have software that will allow us to communicate with people all over the globe, IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE. Want to buy some goods from … Read more

Weight vs. Measure

Weight vs Measure is a method of calculating chargeable weight for the transportation industry. This is a concept that has many people confused. It is also the way Freight Companies charge for Transportation (Ocean Freight Mainly). It is a confusing concept, unless you have a company like Michael S. Dubin – CHB to help you … Read more

Shop & Sell Foreign Goods

So, you want to open a shop & sell Foreign Goods……but don’t know where to start? Call Michael S. Dubin CHB. Let our team of experienced professionals help you source goods, comply with U.S. Governmental Rules & Regulations all while saving money on transportation. Let us guide you through the steps necessary to open this … Read more


You think buying a container of Gucci Looking Pocketbooks from China at a fraction of the cost, is a good investment? You think that buying 6 pallets of Nike Looking Sport Shoes for penny’s on the dollar, is a great way to turn a profit? I know, I know———-our Flea Markets are full of Foreign-Made … Read more


When dealing in International Business—It is very, very important to pay attention to currencies & exchange rates. Did you know that banks issue a minimum of 5 different exchange rates? Most banks will trade money at the “true” bank rate. But, consumers like you & I can never “buy” money at the true bank rate. … Read more

Country of Origin Markings

Have you ever realized that in the USA almost every single item you buy has the “Country of Origin” on it? There are reasons for that! U.S. law states that when an American is buying something, they have to have the ability to identify when an item is made in USA. When we buy U.S. … Read more