Translation Software

Hello—Are you interested in conducting business with manufacturers overseas, but you are not confident that you can communicate with the language barrier? Call Michael S. Dubin CHB – 727-458-1972 —- We have software that will allow us to communicate with people all over the globe, IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE. Want to buy some goods from … Read more

Weight vs. Measure

Weight vs Measure is a method of calculating chargeable weight for the transportation industry. This is a concept that has many people confused. It is also the way Freight Companies charge for Transportation (Ocean Freight Mainly). It is a confusing concept, unless you have a company like Michael S. Dubin – CHB to help you … Read more

Shop & Sell Foreign Goods

So, you want to open a shop & sell Foreign Goods……but don’t know where to start? Call Michael S. Dubin CHB. Let our team of experienced professionals help you source goods, comply with U.S. Governmental Rules & Regulations all while saving money on transportation. Let us guide you through the steps necessary to open this … Read more


You think buying a container of Gucci Looking Pocketbooks from China at a fraction of the cost, is a good investment? You think that buying 6 pallets of Nike Looking Sport Shoes for penny’s on the dollar, is a great way to turn a profit? I know, I know———-our Flea Markets are full of Foreign-Made … Read more


When dealing in International Business—It is very, very important to pay attention to currencies & exchange rates. Did you know that banks issue a minimum of 5 different exchange rates? Most banks will trade money at the “true” bank rate. But, consumers like you & I can never “buy” money at the true bank rate. … Read more